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TBRM Engineering Solution

TBRM Engineering Solutions is part of the TBRM group. The company is located in De Witbogt 2 in Eindhoven and employs 40 people.TBRM is an engineering firm that operates internationally and focuses on supporting customers by providing services from consultancy to complete project solutions, including hardware delivery, that are carried out at the customer’s location or at TBRM. TBRM focuses on providing innovative solutions for manufacturers of original equipment (OEM) companies and start-ups.


Van BeeK

Van Beek Drunen is a specialist in bespoke screw conveyors. The company was founded in 1950, with screw conveyors as the core business. Van Beek is a global supplier of screw conveyor technology, particularly to the chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and food industries. This may include our Dino bulk truck loaders and also the Celsius screw heat exchanger or the Hypreme products, which meet the highest hygiene requirements.

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Zavhy B.V is an applied research company that supports the present building & construction (B&C) industry with a digitized and automated technology of 3D concrete printing (3DCP). The associates of Zavhy have been involved in additive manufacturing technology since 2013 and, more specifically, 3D concrete printing (3DCP) research since 2015. Zavhy aims to transform the construction industry towards digitization and automation using 3D concrete printing. The issues with the current construction industry related to sustainability, environmental impact, labour productivity, health and safety of workers, and overall low productivity of the industry are the critical issues we set to address and tackle for the construction industry.

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