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3D Concrete Printing

3D concrete printing (3DCP) is an additive manufacturing (AM) process in which objects are built layer by layer in 3D. AM makes formwork unnecessary and is therefore attractive for the construction sector. Due to the high cost of custom formwork, construction engineers and architects were limited in designing efficient concrete buildings and (art) works with complex and optimized shapes and constructions, which could be easily resolved using 3DCP. The application of 3DCP in construction can significantly reduce construction waste from formwork and limit the impact on the environment with less production waste. In addition, additive manufacturing technology’s inherent ability to optimize material use could further reduce the environmental impact of high carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from cement in concrete. In addition to reducing costs and positive environmental impact, AM can further automate and digitize the sector, and the technology helps transform the construction sector into Industry 4.0. Furthermore, automating concrete production with AM will also help find a solution to reduce physical labour in on-site concrete structures.


Project objective

The aim of the project is to develop a system with which reinforcement or reinforcement of extrusion based concrete 3D printing can be introduced. It concerns, in the first instance, the further development of laboratory-proven technology for hardware and for fibre material. The concrete composition is not changed in this project. An additional objective is to find and apply suitable organic and/or reused fibres.

In addition to carrying out the R&D and demonstration activities, the partners propose sharing the benefits of fiber reinforced 3D concrete printing in infra- and construction applications, also as a project goal to contribute to a smooth, digital  and  resilient recovery of the South of the  Netherlands.

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